Denise Guiterrez 


"I was just a kid from East L.A. who was kicked out of continuation school without any aspirations. Today, I am someone who is now pursuing my doctorate at the University of La Verne." 


 In 2003, I finally found the courage to enroll in classes at Chaffey Community College. I was inspired to go to college because my youngest daughter born with a severe disability showed me that anything is possible. She was given only 6 months to a year to live and when she turned ten I decided I would live life with purpose. At the time, I thought I would have to drop out because I did not have a enough money for my books. Nonetheless, God was watching over me. My prayers were answered when I received the Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars  Scholarship. I was able to purchase the books I needed, which allowed me to complete another year of college. Having completed two years of college allowed me to apply for other scholarships and inspired me to stay in higher education."



Rosa Beltran


"As the first member of my family to attend college, I am grateful for the ESF scholarship, one of the greatest gifts my community has given me."

I received the scholarship in 2004 as a senior at Ontario High School and its impact on my life has only deepened over the years. The scholarship helped defray the costs of textbooks and travel expenses during my freshman year at Harvard University, where I studied History and Literature and graduated with honors. After graduating, I explored writing and filmmaking in Mozambique with the support of Harvard's Michael C. Rockefeller fellowship. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2010, I have worked in the documentary TV industry, founded a writing consulting business, and am at work on my first novel and music album. Since 2012, I have consulted with Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars on press materials and to assist in the development of the Ambassador Program, which aims to create networking and personal development opportunities for alumni scholars. I am passionate about the writing process as a means to communicate with myself and with others, and am grateful to be of service to hardworking students and give back to the Esperanza community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars!