The Foundation retains an active staff of knowledgeable and enthusiastic interns throughout the year to assist in events, fundraising, marketing and many other key functions as described in the job description below.  

Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars Intern Position: Administrative Assistant

Job Purpose: Assist the Executive Assistant in the performance of administrative duties as outlined below.  

Administrative Assistant Job Duties:

  • Maintains workflow by communicating with Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars board members, sponsors, students, and all other personnel related to Esperanza. 

  • Communication to all Esperanza information requests, compiles data from Esperanza records and through email or via telephone. 

  • Attends and supports all Esperanza sponsored events and activities.

Executive Assistant Duties:

  1. Assist with taking Esperanza Board Meetings minutes and agendas.

  2. Assist with the Esperanza Annual Commitments by year and provide updates on a monthly, or as needed, basis. 

  3. Communicate with Esperanza scholars on all Esperanza activities and events includes update on community service, college enrollment verification, and proof of high school graduation records. 

  4. Provide updates to Esperanza Board and other communities that are served by Esperanza of scholars in their respective communities. 

  5. Assist with the data entry, validation, and reporting of information, as needed for the Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars website.

  6. Coordinate with Esperanza Scholars Outreach Coordinator to plan Esperanza events, e.g. the Mayor's Gala, 4th of July Parade in Ontario, October Tardeada, and the January Leadership Event. 

  7. Assist Executive Assistant with all events identified in #6 above. 



Second Year College student, sophomore through senior at local college

Residence: Surrounding area of the Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars headquarters in Ontario, California

Availability: Approximately ten hours a week, or as needed.

Required Skills:

  • Reporting Skills - efficient communication via email. Demonstrate

  • Administrative Writing Skills - efficient in academic writing. Demonstrate

  • Organization Skills- must maintain all Esperanza documents and information in an orderly manner. 

  • Interpersonal Skills - efficient in communicating with others.

Other Requirements:

- Provide a current resume as well as a GPA of your current year of college

- Provide at least 2 written recommendations as personal one and a recommendation from your teacher or  counselor.

- Must demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft office suite, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft access. 

- Maintain professional appearance at all times and at all events when representing the Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars.